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August 2017

WONDER – Create a artwork for a character from Wonder

Create your own artwork about a character from Wonder. Include all the different events and character traits about this character.

Planet Comparisons This is a great site that shows the size comparison between the planets. Create a page of screen captures showing the differences between the planets. You can choose what you want to compare.  You will be printing off 1… Continue Reading →

Week 5 Homework – Due 25th August

Space Shuttle Missions Make yourself a cardboard template of a space shuttle ( you will need a number of them to attach to a timeline) Using string or ribbon (something we can hang in our classroom) attach your space shuttles… Continue Reading →

Homework Week 4

Continue to complete your allocated Matletics and Spellodrome tasks. Complete the below BtN questions: Design your own Space Suit, be as creative as you like 🙂  

Biography Writing

What is a biography? What features are included in a biography? Begin researching a famous astronaut of your choice. Things to consider researching: Name D.O.B / Death Height / Weight Nationality Place of Birth Education Hobbies / Interest Space Exploration… Continue Reading →

WRITING – Send a postcard to Curiosity – Mars Rover  

MATHS – 24 hour time

Watch: Play: You can practice playing the following games:    

MATHS – Timetables

Here is an example of a public transport timetable: Northern_79 ArmadaleThornlieLine-1o4vnjx.pdf Where have you seen a 24 hour timetable? Here is today’s activity: Timetable_Activity_1_Worksheet TIMETABLES

MATHS – Scale

Scale drawings is either the reduction or enlargement of a two-dimensional drawing. A scale drawing is the representation of an actual object. They are in proportion to the actual object. Have a look at these scale drawings: Look at… Continue Reading →

MATHS – Unit Pricing

Warm up game: What is Unit Pricing?? Can you give an example? Lets have a look at these images…   Can you work out the best value for money for the pictures below? Using the Coles and Woolworths websites…. Continue Reading →

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