This term all homework tasks will be accessible only through your classroom blog.

No photocopied activities will be provided so please ensure you access your homework before Friday and see your teacher if you need assistance.

Each week you will be required to work through Mathletics and SPELLODROME tasks set by your teacher.

Finally, you will be presented with a mini SPACE INVESTIGATION. These investigations will focus more on the weird and wonderful.


Okay, so I am hoping you realise this is another example of PHOTOSHOP, but you are going to investigate the topic ‘ANIMALS IN SPACE.’

  1. Title your page ‘ ANIMAL SPACE MISSIONS.’
  2. Set out your information in table format using the following headings:-  TYPE OF ANIMAL / YEAR OF THE MISSION/ COUNTRY LEADING THE MISSION / REASON FOR THE MISSION

Beneath your table include a list of the resources / sites visited.