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Welcome to Uber. You are an Uber driver for a day. Pick up your international visitors from Flinders Street Station and show them the sights of Melbourne.

1. Before you begin select your car. This can be the first image you add to your COMIC LIFE page.

2. Use the MELWAYS link to locate your destinations.

3 . When you arrive at each destination (screen shot) the location and export the shot into a COMIC LIFE format.

Each shot will show the grid references for the location. Each shot will also have a SPEECH BUBBLE identifying the place. Eg MCG – if you have time you can add a small image of the site.

You can decide how many places to visit, but to get you started you can use the list below .


  1. Melbourne Cricket Ground
  2. Parliament House
  3. Etihad Stadium
  4. The Old Melbourne Gaol
  5. Melbourne Museum
  6. Queen Victoria Market
  7. Melbourne Star
  8. Flinders Street Station