Group Inquiry Task:

Now that we have visited the Grampians, it’s time we dig a little deeper into the history of the area to gain a better understanding of how the area could be affected by natural disasters.

This week, you will begin your group inquiry. Below are the tasks you must complete this week:

Below are a number of links for you and your group to watch to enable you to complete the design brief:-

1 Using ‘fake I-phone’ put together a text warning for the Halls Gap community. What important information will your text include?

2 Find a detailed map of Halls Gap and clearly show visitors to the area what important emergency services are available to them. This will include an evacuation area, CFA, medical services, defibrillators, accommodation.  If you cannot locate them on a map use icons to show where they could be.

3 FIRE- Research recent threats to Halls Gap and write a FRONT PAGE newspaper report for one of those events.

4 FLOODS- Research the devastation caused by floods to the area- make a quick news report warning residents of the dangers headed their way.

5 Making a difference. Natural Disasters can bring a community together. Make up a flier to hang in the shop windows and in other public areas letting the local community and businesses know how they can help. Every little bit counts.

Everyone in the group must contribute and be able to present these tasks to the grade.

You can decide as a group the best way to present your group’s tasks creatively.