Watch the following BtN story:

Answer the following comprehension questions in your Reading book:

Summarise the story.

1: Where is Mt Ruapehu?

2: Why are eruptions at Mt Ruapehu particularly dangerous?

3: What is the name of the mudflow caused by the eruption?

4: What can trigger the mudflow?

5: How often does Mt Ruapehu erupt?

6: How do scientists monitor the volcano’s activity?

7: What is seismic monitoring?

8: A flow that starts at the top of the mountain can be _________ bigger by the time it reaches the volcano’s base.

9: Name 3 facts you have learnt from this BtN story.


Extension Activity:

Draw a cross section of a volcano showing the following features:

crater, magma, chamber, lava flow, ash cloud, vent, dike, sill, mantile