Watch the below BtN:

Answer the following questions in your Reading book, make sure you use full sentences with your answer:

Write a summary of the clip you just watched.

1.Name the three symbols on the Australian flag?

2. What country does the Union Jack come from?

3.Why does Australia have the Union Jack on its flag?

4.What is the Southern Cross?

5. Why was an extra point added to the Federation Star symbol?

6. What sorts of places would you see the Australian flag flying?

7. Why do some people want to change the Australian flag?

8. Do you think the Australian flag should be changed? Explain your answer.

9. What colours and symbols do you think best represent Australia?


Investigate the Southern Cross
o What is its scientific name?
o When and where is it used?
o Ask students to identify other constellations in the Australian sky.
Students to investigate the Union Jack.
o Where does it originate?
o Why is it included on the Australian flag?
o What other national flags include the Union Jack?
Students to investigate the Federation Star
o What does it symbolise?
o Explore why this symbol was changed and when.