Watch the following BtN story:

Answer the following questions in your Reading book:

1:How much of the ocean floor is still unexplored?

2: How many shipwrecks are thought to be in the ocean?
3: The ocean is divided into three zones. What are they?
4: In which zone does light start to disappear?
5: The deepest part of the ocean is 11,000 metres down. How many
Eiffel Towers stacked on top of each other is that?
6: How many people have been to the deepest part of the ocean?
7: Describe the deep sea exploration vessels.
8: Illustrate an aspect of this story.
9: What did you like about the BtN story?
Early Finishers:
Imagine you are a biologist exploring life found deep in the ocean.

Choose an animal which calls the deep ocean their home. You may pick an animal from this website

Create a Creature Feature on your chosen animal.
Use a range of sources to find information, including the internet, newspapers and books.