Watch the below BtN story:

Answer the following questions in your Reading Book using full sentences:

1: What are some significant moments in space exploration?
2: Which organisations have been responsible for exploring space?
3: Why could that be about to change?
4: What has the company `Moon Express’ been given approval to do?
5: What valuable resources are on the moon?
6: Who created the Outer Space Treaty in the 1960s?
7: What does the treaty say?
8: What are some questions people have about private companies being allowed to mine planets?
9: What do you think? Should private companies be allowed to mine in space?
Early Finishers:
Investigate what it would be like to live on the moon and what would be needed to sustain human life.

In your reading book rainstorm using the following questions:

What are the three basic things we need to survive?
What do you think it would be like to live on the moon?
What are the challenges?
What are the benefits of having a space settlement on the moon?
When planning for life on the moon what are some important things to think about?
You need to research conditions on the moon and then plan and design a settlement on the moon that will sustain human life.
What are the conditions like on the moon?
What needs to be considered when planning a colony on the moon?
For example:
  • Water supply
  • Atmosphere (air supply)
  • Temperature
  • Food Production
  • Waste Management
  • Gravity
What materials could be used to build a space settlement?
Students can create a poster with a labelled diagram of their `moon settlement’.