Watch the below video:


Record each step of today’s lesson on your iPad!

  1. Popcorn problem– A3 paper activity- design a container (with your group)  to hold your popcorn. Does it all fit into the container?  Is it full to capacity? Are you sure?????? Prove it.

Next activity:

  1. Matchbox MAB- How many cubes fit into the box?  Do they fit exactly or did you have to make an estimation?  Record the answer with a photo and text on your i-pad.
  2. Measure the length, width and height of the matchbox. Record this information next to your photo.  What is the volume of your matchbox exactly?  Does this answer match the same number of cubes you used to fill the box?  If not, why?
  3. L xWxH= cubic cm   cu cm
  4. Look at a different box (on your table) work out the capacity of this box using only your ruler. Record this on your ipad.