Alliteration is a literary device that uses the repetition of the sounds, usually the beginning sounds, of words. Tongue twisters use alliteration, as does a phrase like “wide and wonderful world.” Alliteration creates a mood and shows how an author wants to emphasise certain words and concepts.

One of the fun features of alliteration is when it becomes a tongue twister.

For example:

The baron was busy as a bee.

The dog was dead as a doornail.

Garry gathered the garbage.

Paula planted the petunias in the pot.

Drew threw the few new screws.

Lazy lizards lying like lumps!

Show Shawn Sharon’s shabby shoes.

Boil the butter and bring it by the bank.

Find fancy foods.

Kim comes to cut colourful kites.



Create a Number mini book using alliteration for the numbers 0 – 10 for your buddy. Illustrate each page.

For Example:

One orange octopus in the ocean