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July 2016

Reading Groups – Term 3

Here are your new reading groups: BEYONCES Emily Ebony Ashleigh Jaidyn Kenny Thomas USHERS Jack Logan Olivia Tristan Amelia Jorja JUSTIN BEIBERS Mila Alyssa Aaron Lily Kazuma BRITNEY SPEARS Bianka Nicky Saxon Nate William Matilda

Yertle the Turtle

Answer the following questions about Yertle the Turtle. We have discussed many of these issues during our class discussion. Why do you think Yertle the Turtle thought he was superior to the other turtles? Why did the other turtles obey… Continue Reading →

Homework Week 3

Here is this weeks homework: Homework Wk3

Language Investigation Week 3

Watch the below video about VERBS: Write a definition for the 3 different types of verbs: action, helping and linking. Complete the below tasks: Now complete 1 activity from the spelling matrix using this weeks spelling words.  

Reading and Viewing Wk 3 – Leaders

Watch the below BtN story: Answer the following questions in you Reading book: 1. What were the main points of the discussion? 2. What did Malcolm Turnbull do before he became a politician? 3. Complete this sentence. A big… Continue Reading →

Research Task Inquiry – DemROCKracy

Using the app ‘Garage Band’ create a rap/song/jingle to explain what the term ‘DEMOCRACY’ means. You may like to include facts such as: The definition on democracy How democracy came to be How democracy is seen today Watch the following… Continue Reading →

Time – Week 2

Watch the below video: You can practice playing the following games:  

Inquiry – Week 2 “Three Levels of Government”

We are going to watch the following BtN together. It looks at the different levels of government in Australia. Check out the fact sheet below – what roles does each level of government play? Factsheet_1.1_ThreeLevelsOfGovt Design a graphic… Continue Reading →

What makes a good leader?

Watch the following:

SNMY – Butterfly House

Complete the below task: Butterfly House

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