1. Measure the three segments below and record your answers in millimetres. Then re-write your answers in centimetres.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 3.59.53 pm

2. Re-write these lengths in centimetres.

(a) 61 mm       (b) 4 mm     (c) 88 mm

3. Re-write these lengths in millimetres.

(a) 5.4 cm       (b) 11 cm     (c) 0.7 cm

4. Re-write these lengths in metres.

(a) 190 cm       (b) 450 cm     (c) 3400 cm

5. Re-write these lengths in centimetres.

(a) 4 m       (b) 2.8 m     (c) 11.2 m

6. Order these lengths from shortest to longest:

124 cm               2.07 m              10.1 m              121 cm

7. What unit of measurement would you use to measure each of the following?

  • Your height
  • The distance between Melbourne and Brisbane
  • The width of the top of a nail
  • The length of a fingernail
  • The distance between Paris and Perth
  • The thickness of a piece of rope

8. Draw a line that is 16.5 centimetres long. How many millimetres is that?