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Reading groups – Term 4 Week 2

SESSION 1 Teacher – Spag Bols – Charlie, Axel, Ben, Zac, Lily, Freyja, Sarah Our Place in Space – Chicken Schnitzels – Tom, Jackson, Leigh-Roy The Land of the Midnight Sun – Cookies & Cream – Tess, Kirpa, Eli, Adam,… Continue Reading →

Space Matrix

Think outside the square!  Click on the link and work your way through the following creative thinking tasks Space matrix-2l6tok7

Homework Term 4 Week 1

This term, you will be presented with a mini SPACE INVESTIGATION each week. These investigations will focus more on the weird and wonderful. LET’S BEGIN. Okay, so I am hoping you realise this is another example of PHOTOSHOP, but you… Continue Reading →

Time zones

Google your own world map showing time zones. Working out the time differences between countries. You are a business person who needs to communicate with your clients in many different countries around the world. For you it may… Continue Reading →

Spelling – Term 4 Week 1

DIGRAPHS – OU (ow) sound clouds bounced bough ourselves lounge fountain plough surround joust sound round foul bound mound out pound mountain loud noun (o) sound shoulder boulder although though dough cough (u) sound tough double courage courageous encourage discourage… Continue Reading →

Balance Equations

Pan Balance Yesterday you worked in pairs to create balanced equations using the 4 operations. Today, using the link below on your iPad, you need to balance the pan by creating equations on both sides.—-Numbers/

Reading Groups – Term 4 – Week 1

Whole class text – Our Place in Space – Complete the See Think Wonder SESSION 1 Chicken Schnitzels – Tom, Jackson, Leigh-Roy Teacher group: Read with the teacher and answer the questions on the sheet.  Paste into your Inquiry book… Continue Reading →

A Day Out at the Football!

You are off to the footy by public transport!  Research the costs associated for YOUR family and discuss ways in which you can save money.

New AFL Team announced!

Published on September 18, 2018 | Leave a response The AFL have today announced they are including a 19th team in 2019 and they need your help! They know they have space for another team, but they haven’t worked out… Continue Reading →

Week 10 Task – Plot Twister

Your final task for term 3 is to be creative and write an alternative ENDING for your book.  Write down the new plot!    

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